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The group of companies “Protect” has been specializing in the production of polymer products for landscaping, construction and security for more than 20 years, and was the first in Russia to launch the production of plastic nets. The company's products are presented in almost all network retailers in Russia. The production process is built in accordance with ISO 9001 regulations. New products are developed every year in accordance with the needs of the market and customers
RealSorb is one of the most famous and popular brands of synthetic zeolites, adsorbents and catalysts on the Russian market. Torgovy Dom “Real Sorb” has many years of experience with large enterprises in the field of oil refining, gas processing, energy, petrochemistry, air separation
Chembiotech Co. Ltd.
For 30 years the company has been supplying products for the chemical industry, pharmacology, precision engineering, aviation, agriculture, veterinary medicine; provides professional consulting services in the field of industrial chemistry, technology and process development. The company is the only Russian manufacturer of drawing film materials on a lavsan substrate for precise drawing and copying
Uglich-Plast LLC
Uglich-Plast LLC is one of the 5 largest producers of blended thermoplastic elastomers (TEP) in Russia. The company's capacities allow to provide raw materials for more than 500 manufacturers in a wide variety of industries - from production of elements of medical devices up to sheaths of high voltage cables with specific requirements. The presence of a laboratory and research complex allows the company to develop individual recipes for the requirements of the customer, to produce analogues of imported materials
Uglichsky zavod polimerov LLC
The company is the largest plant for the production of hoses and flexible pipes for various purposes in the Yaroslavl region. Today, more than 3 million washing machines manufactured in Russia are equipped with hoses under the TUBOFLEX trademark. Quality control of manufactured products is carried out in the own laboratory of the company, which allows it to carry out tests in accordance with European standards EN 61770 in full
NPP «Yaroslavsky zavod poroshkovykh krasok» LLC
The company has been producing powder paint since 2004. The plant has high-tech production lines with a total capacity of more than 6,000 tons of paint per year. Over the past ten years, the plant has been in the TOP-3 of the largest suppliers of powder paint in the Russian market. An important advantage of the company is the presence of its own accredited laboratory, which makes it possible to develop products for the specific requirements of consumers
Yaroslavsky Pigment LLC
The company is the only manufacturer of iron oxide pigments in Russia. In 2021, it produced 600 tons of pigment. The product range contains more than 10 items. The company's clients are large enterprises in the paint and varnish, construction, rubber and paper industries
Individual Entrepreneur Gilev Dmitry Mikhailovich
The company produces polymer compositions for the treatment of car surfaces according to a unique, self-developed recipe with limiting characteristics - both during the application of the compositions to various surfaces, and in terms of resource indicators of durability in operation by end users
Prometey LLC
The company is the official distributor for the promotion and sale of products under the brand name "TOTEK". The nomenclature includes more than 1 thousand items
YAROSLAVSKIE KRASKI ASSOCIATION JSC is a major national operator operating in the market of decorative paints and varnishes in Russia and the CIS countries. The company develops and offers consumers modern and high-quality paints and varnishes that meet all technological and environmental requirements, as well as the needs of consumers with various levels of wishes for the quality of paints and varnishes
Volga Polimer Plant LLC
The company is engaged in the production of polypropylene tape and packaging, we occupy 1/3 of the market for polypropylene tape in the European part of Russia. The company's products have successfully passed all the conformity assessment procedures established in the technical regulations of the Customs Union and the Eurasian Economic Union
Zavod Markon LLC
Markon is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of brake pads for domestic and imported cars and commercial vehicles, buses, trucks and trailers, ATVs, motor vehicles, bicycles under its own brands MarKon and Quattro Freni. The plant has its own production facilities with a full production cycle