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Gifts Workshop LLC
Masterskaya podarkov is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of decorative and souvenir wood products with artistic painting to the Russian and foreign markets. Exists since 1992, the product range includes more than 500 products
Sobolevsky Ilya Germanovich, IP
The company has been producing jewelry and wood and acrylic products for over 5 years. It has its own production, a full cycle of work from layout development to shipment. The company's products are presented on the main Russian marketplaces, in the nomenclature of more than 1 thousand positions
The company is a leader in services in its segment in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The product range exceeds 150 items of New Year's decorations from the cheapest to the most expensive of the "Lux" series. Modern equipment makes it possible to produce New Year's tinsel with a diameter of 10 mm to 150 mm and a length of up to 40 meters
Russia's largest manufacturer of EMS fitness equipment under the NobleRise brand
Yadrov Alexander Nikolaevich, IP
For more than 20 years, the Chudevo workshop has been pleasing children and their parents with fabulous wooden toys and puzzles. Using only environmentally friendly materials, including safe water-based paints. All products are certified according to EEU requirements. Products are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of GOST
The company has 20 years of experience in the production of goods for hobby and creativity (watercolor, gouache, plasticine, acrylic paint) under the brand name "LORI". The nomenclature includes more than 1300 items for sets for creativity and stationery. The company is included in the Top-3 spheres of production of games and toys in Russia, in the Top-30 supplier companies in the stationery segment
Mashinets Mikhail Yurievich, IP
The company has been operating in the market of children's toys for over 15 years. It has its own production and author's exclusive developments. Hand-painted toys. The nomenclature includes more than 100 items
The company produces a unique portable water bike Seabike - a sports equipment that has no analogues in the world! The design is protected by patents of the EU, USA, Russia, China
Academy Holding LLC
The holding includes its own modern production, which produces more than 40 categories of non-food products. The unique service of merchandising and "smart deliveries" covers almost all of Russia. Logistics and warehouse centers in Yaroslavl allow prompt deliveries to the client in any region. The company works with all federal retail chains in Russia