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Jeanmishel LLC
The company produces cosmetic products for women and is a leader in its segment in the CIS countries. The range of manufactured goods includes more than 1000 positions. For 20 years it has been a partner of the largest Russian retail chains
Yaroslavl Pharmaceutical Factory ZAO
The enterprise is considered the founder of the production of medicines and the development of the pharmaceutical cluster in the Yaroslavl region. Carries out the production of effective, affordable and necessary in every home medicines from natural medicinal plant materials. The assortment includes more than 80 types of medicines. For many years it has been a reliable partner of major pharmaceutical distributors
Sistemy podderzhaniya sterilnosti LLC
The company has been producing medical equipment since 2005 and is one of the leaders in the production of bactericidal products in its segment, and also has the status of "the best exporter in the field of high technologies" among the small and medium-sized business entities in the Yaroslavl region in 2021
The company is a manufacturer of materials for manicure, modeling and nail design. The nomenclature is more than 1 thousand positions
The company occupies one of the first places in the market of specialized equipment, the operation of which is based on ultraviolet radiation disinfection technologies, ultrasonic cleaning methods and other related methods